Digital illustration artwork, drawn with Sketchbook Pro.

Flirttimaisteri ja Trubaduuri is a relationship based lifestyleblog with focus on food, home, culture, travelling, relationships and love  Visual identity was created on wordpress platform for easy updating and multiplatform use.

Sokeva is a traditional and the only Finnish brush manufacturer. The new Royal Soft- product was looking for the spectacular, courageous and dignified visual identity, as well as a spectacular presentation with its launch campaign among retailers.

          Häläri is Emergency Response Centres specialists magazine which is published four times a year. The magazine presents widely emergency response activities and experts, as well as raises awareness of the Emergency Response Centre. Häläris new identity was made to be […]

Heavy Colors is painting and surface finishing company focused on painting custom cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. As for a starting company, Heavy Colors was seeking for vintage oriented, car culture composite identity in shape, color and visuality to stand out. Work included logo, colourshcems […]

Custom typeface design; named this typeface EKLIPTIKA. The typeface combines modern light lines and 70’s-80’s space age computer typography look.

Tatemi is a comprehensive wellness- healthservices provider. The company’s services include dance and movement therapy, exercise classes, Shindo, relaxation and classic massage. As for a starting company, Tatemi was seeking for natural, Scandinavian and Oriental composite in shape, color and visual identity.

Crossing Piippokeskus is a local crossing-based gymclass held by two enthusiastic trainers. The assignment held Visual identity and a website that was created on wordpress platform for easy updating and multiplatform use.

Kutomo Business Park is a professional and comfortable business park in Helsinki. The case contained the visual identity of Kutomo business park, based on the name Kutomo (weaving factory), and this created a graphic pattern, logo and visual identity of the company .

Assignment was to provide useful, relevant and infomative brochure about the company and their product and services in a concise format for the supplier of the original UPCAST® process.

  Suominen Corporation produces high quality plastic film flexographics for consumer packaging, industrial and commercial use. With the Sixpack-promotional package they seeked for the visibility for a new form of packaging that was launched among the retailers.